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Source Code release is included with the software

Place your characters onto your desktop.
Customize their appearance by defining their characteristics, mood, and actions.
Beware: this software is not for kids.
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Universal ScreenMate is an utility application that allows you to create an interactive character on your screen.
The toolkit comes packed with a character creator that allows you to define the mate’s characteristics and actions. You can show or hide the mate on the screen, take screenshots and export them in the JPEG format.
You can customize the desktop mate with the built-in editor. You can define a mate’s name, define its width and height, select the saving directory, set an idle screen-mate, and change the mood.
You can also set a custom image (PNG file format) to assign the left and right idle frames to your mate.
With a little work, you can make a desktop character move randomly on your desktop, shaking it at random intervals. You can also select the number of walking frames, load custom animation frames from your disk, and add a delay between the walking frames.
Universal ScreenMate allows you to set the mood of the mate. You can choose among the following moods: walking, running, jumping, chasing the mouse, teleporting, falling, and shaking. You can also set up quotations for your mate.
What’s more, you can import user-defined images for defining the jumping moves and throwing actions. You can load animation frames, set a delay time between the frames, and play the animation for a custom number of times.
You can export your mate’s running animations to your disk. You can also set the output quality to the following options: high, medium, and low.
Bottom line
Universal ScreenMate is a nice tool for putting animated characters on your desktop. The software comes packed with a lot of options for creating custom characters.

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KeyMacro can help you to change your keyboard key combination according to your own needs. Once it is installed, it can automatically remember the last assigned key combination and you need only to press the corresponding key to perform the function assigned to it. If you have not specified a key combination, the utility will propose an appropriate one for you.
You can set your windows buttons, menu and toolbar shortcuts, icons of the folder, drive and drives shortcuts, control and command shortcuts and “other” keystrokes. With KeyMacro you can redefine the Windows keys, the Command, Control and the Alt keys. Furthermore, you may set any type of key combination: modifier key plus a key or a combination of keys, a mouse button plus a key or a modifier key plus a key.
KeyMacro does not have to be installed to set new key combinations. You may select your previous one and then press “Save”. The next time you press the assigned key combination KeyMacro will be executed.
KEYMACRO offers three modes of operation:
Global: You define the key combination globally. Once it is assigned it will always be the active shortcut.
Personal: You define the key combination on a per-user basis. It will always be the active shortcut for the current user and it will be the active shortcut for a new one once he/she logs in.
Local: You define the key combination on a per-machine basis. It will always be the active shortcut for the current user and it will be the active shortcut for a new one once he/she logs in.
Each user may have a different profile. You may therefore specify the key combination on a per-user basis using the Personal mode.
KEYMACRO features:

Create and set a single or a combination of keys

Save and restore the key combinations you have already defined

Restore the last used keys for the current user

Redefine the Windows keys, the Command, Control and the Alt keys

Save the current keyboard layout

Re-enter the keyboard settings from the windows registry

Redefine the mouse buttons, the left and the right mouse buttons

Assign hotkeys to almost any function of the system. For example you can assign CTRL+J for opening a window, CTRL+L for minimizing the window, CTRL+E for closing a window and CTRL+P for positioning a window to the center of the screen


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The time for animation is here! Meet 101 Animation Maker, a software used for making 2D vector animation, which provides you with a professional-quality animation solution for your personal computer.
When you turn the page of 101 Animation Maker, you will be astonished by the functions and features of this software. The program supports over 100 different animation types and comes with an integrated pixel painter for creating custom objects like boxes, rectangles, stars, curved lines, and polygons.
The software lets you create a cartoon out of a chosen file or a batch of images, add text for subtitles, add some animation frames for the play control (play, stop, pause, and resume) and use a 3D scene for creating a background for your animation.
The software offers a variety of character models, including animals, vehicles, robots, and humans. It also provides you with a wide range of motion options for all animation types (for example, you can choose to use a straight or curved motion for your characters).
The program lets you take the picture of any animation by pressing the snapshot button. Thus, you can create a thumbnail for your animation file.
The software lets you create a soundtrack file for your animation by using the provided music player. For instance, you can specify the position of the sound and volume of each sound. You may also play a sound of a specific duration in a loop.
The software lets you share your animation online. It supports various online social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Youku. In addition, you may also post your animation on Google+, Instagram, or Twitter.
Furthermore, the software supports multi-camera (up to 7 simultaneously) and allows you to attach a remote control to your camera.
All in all, 101 Animation Maker is a fully featured animation software for creating 2D animation. If you have animation skills, this program will let you create your own animation.

Movie Maker Pro v1.4.2.1 is a quick and easy software for producing video movies from digital camera memory card. It provides all the features you may need for a great video production.
With Movie Maker you can edit movies created with other video editing software or directly from the digital camera memory card. For example, you can add transitions (like fade, dissolve, wipe, and split), add titles, add special effects (like animations, a pan, and zooms), add sound, and apply some basic video editing. Plus, you may create custom slidesh

What’s New in the Universal ScreenMate?

Create and populate your desktop with interactive characters.
User interface
U ScreenMate is a lightweight Windows application that lets you create and populate your desktop with interactive characters.
Developed in 2015, the program comes with a tray-based interface that operates in the background without annoying users. This design lets you run the utility without interfering with your work. You can show or hide a mate on your screen. Plus, you may take screenshots in full screen mode and automatically export them to JPEG file format in your ‘Documents’ folder.
The default mate is moving randomly on your screen and, from time to time, it throws a projectile towards one of the running windows, shaking it. You can customize your desktop mate in detail. For instance, you can provide details about the saving directory, character’s name, width and height, as well as projectile’s width and height.
The character dimensions must be between 1 and 64 pixels. You can assign custom images (PNG file format) from your computer in order to define the left and right idle frames.
What’s more, the utility allows you to name the moods of your character (the screen mate’s actions are based on its current mood) and define the moods using different variables, such as walking, running, jumping, talking, chasing the mouse, teleporting, falling, and shaking. You may also opt for creating a character with random actions.
In case you want to customize the actions of your desktop mate in detail, you may opt for specifying the number of walking frames, loading custom animation frames from your disk, and adding a delay between the walking frames.
Plus, you can import user-defined images for defining the jumping moves (e.g. fall, land, ascend, return) and throwing actions. You may load animation frames, add a delay time between the frames, play the animation for a custom number of times, and enter the number of frames.
Universal ScreenMate lets you write down quotes for your character and make the mate speak the time at straight hours.
What’s more, you can view the written messages or replay them. All your definitions are stored in the user’s ‘My Documents’ folder.
Tests have shown that the animations move without lags. Effects are accurately reproduced on your screen. The utility leaves a minimal footprint on system resources, so the overall performance of your computer is not hampered.
So, what are you waiting for? …
ScreenMate is now available as a stand-alone application and as a plugin for the NOD screen broadcasting software. The standalone version costs $29.95, but you can buy the program with the NOD software for a discounted price of $19

System Requirements For Universal ScreenMate:

Windows XP or later
Mac OS 10.6 or later
iOS 6 or later
Android 3.1 or later
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