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A.A.C. Itta Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. was established in the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake that affected Kathmandu and beyond. One of our Board of Directors envisioned a revolution in the housing industry, leading to the introduction of AAC blocks—an innovative technology. Our AAC blocks are lightweight, strong, and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. As an ISO and NS certified company, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety, offering sustainable and energy-efficient building solutions. Join us in building a safer, more resilient future with AAC Itta Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.


Our vision is to provide value for money and innovative construction solutions to the nation.

Core value

No matter the price we never compromise in standards


To build our Brand though reputation among the customers, we have the following Missions set for the foundation.
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We identify our Customers’ problems and we deliver products that solve them
  • We help the customers save time and money hence maximize profit by giving innovative product
  • We will not be afraid to change.

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