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CADG ( CAD Graphics, also known as “Graphics Exchange Format” or GXF), an ASCII format used by AutoCAD Activation Code that is similar to the GDS-2 and DXF formats. CADG is used when an external program is to read the drawing or when sending the drawing to an external program.

GDS ( Graphical Data Stream), a format designed to transmit graphical information between computers and designed to simulate printed information, used for 2D and 3D drawings. GDS files can contain anything in the XREF field; anything starting with “xref: ” or “xref:x” and ending with an integer is included in the xref. GDS has the advantage of only reading the drawing and is similar to the DXF format, but is much smaller than DXF.

Many new features were added to AutoCAD Product Key with the release of AutoCAD Cracked Accounts 2017.


Contour lines
The ability to convert existing non-continuous lines into continuous lines, called contour lines
Line breaks
The ability to insert line breaks between blocks in existing drawings
The ability to insert line breaks between lines within blocks
Spline support
The ability to create splines from existing or new lines
The ability to modify the number of segments within a spline
The ability to modify the spacing between spline segments
Spline Type
The ability to assign a spline type to a line, so that users can associate a specific type of spline to a given line. For example, they can assign a function spline to a line which will connect a series of points to create a function.
The ability to create a series of connected line segments, called a polyline
The ability to modify the number of segments within a polyline
The ability to move or edit the location of the segments of a polyline
The ability to modify the spacing between segments of a polyline
Polyline Type
The ability to assign a specific polyline type to a polyline. For example, a polyline type can be assigned to indicate whether the line is a track or a survey line, etc.
The ability to create an arch from existing or new line segments.
The ability to create a curve from existing or new arcs.
The ability to modify the number of arcs within an arc.
The ability to modify the spacing between arcs.
The ability to make additional parameters available when creating an arc.
The ability to

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What’s New In?

Receive integrated help while you work. Access extensive online resources while your document is open, with links to thousands of content topics across the web. Access additional help with AutoCAD’s Markup Assist, which automatically highlights changes in your drawing based on your edits.

Create and format metadata when you make changes. Use metadata to store information about each drawing, object, or revision, like author, name, date, title, comments, etc.

Create online comment threads when you collaborate with others. Use comments to discuss your work with others, and see what others are saying about your work. Users can also set the default comment settings.

Create and edit dashboards in your browser. Create a personalized dashboard, with up to 10 tabs for your most-used, critical, or off-site data, and easily add new tabs, choose the data you want to see and sort it.

Centralize your settings and preferences. You can now store your preferences in a centralized location, and quickly make the same changes across your drawings.

Intuitive command-line commands. With AutoCAD 2023, you can create your own commands to perform actions that you often perform on drawings. You can then set up your preferred commands for easy access in the interface.

Support for Paraview. AutoCAD 2023’s new interface works with the popular scientific visualization software, Paraview.

New Layouts

Add and edit layouts:

Save time by reusing or creating layouts to get repetitive tasks such as slicing and printing done more efficiently.

Use Quick Save to create new layouts or modify existing layouts while you work, and then easily reload them at a later time.

Hierarchy Manager:

Save time by quickly renaming or re-organizing your drawings to your preferred naming conventions. You can now easily reorganize your drawings by hierarchy.

Composite Revisions:

Add a revised version of a drawing (a revision) to a drawing by adding it to a history table. You can use a revision to rework a drawing without starting over. Composite revisions are separate files that contain the history of your drawing changes.

Revised Properties:

Edit the properties of a drawing or element at the same time you modify their content. Each revision of a drawing has its own set of properties.

Custom Properties:

Add, edit, and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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