About AAC Itta

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight foam concrete building material suitable for making construction blocks. Based on German technology and produced in Nepal itself, AAC Itta is the best alternative to red bricks.

Resistant to heat, sound, fire and earthquakes, AAC blocks are also lighter yet stronger than traditional red bricks. It is easier to use, saves time and money in construction and provides better results as well.

Benefits of AAC Itta

Fire Resistant

The technology used in creating AAC blocks ensures that AAC blocks are resistant to fire.

Earthquake resistant

AAC blocks are lightweight and durable, and can withstand extreme earthquake conditions.

Light yet strong

Due to the presence of air in the mixture, AAC blocks are light, yet strong due to the process through which they are created.


AAC blocks have made uniformly, and can be cut and shaped according to need.

Heat resistant

AAC blocks provide great insulation against heat, since they do are not good conductors of heat.

Sound resistant

AAC blocks provide great insulation against sounds, damping out loud noises and providing good insulation.

Saves time and money in construction

AAC blocks are easier to use in the construction process, and saves time as well as money for contractors and owners alike.

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